With over 30-year history, Samwon Industry is a specialist in fluorescent brighteners which has stable short- and long-term business structures, continues to invest in R&D, and focuses on export to be a leading fluorescent dye manufacturer in the world.

Samwon Industry has core technology for manufacturing fluorescent brighteners used for upstream industries such as textile, plastic and paper, and is recognized in both domestic and overseas markets with its monopolistic and oligopolistic products.

As its products for wood free paper and art paper under production have high quality and added value, they will be demanded in both domestic and overseas markets. Also, its other multi-purpose and environment-friendly products will rule the market thanks to its technological advantages.

Samwon Industry has made great contributions to the localization of fluorescent brighteners most of which were imported from Europe. Also, with continuous technology development and process improvement, Samwon Industry has succeeded in differentiating itself from cheap products from India and China in terms of quality and those from Europe in terms of price.